We take away the headache of inventory management – as if by magic!

Imagine a world where …


  • Your stock levels are planned and managed so products are never overstocked or out of
  • You don’t have to grapple with Excel spreadsheets
  • You don’t spend your days chasing up shipments or filling out paperwork
  • You can be confident you always have enough cash in the bank to pay your suppliers


… You’re imagining a world with Genie Sourcing
A world where your inventory management is done for you by a real-life Genie

Your products are the heart of your business. But now things have taken off, keeping on top of them is starting to take over your life.

Managing suppliers and keeping on top of lead times, logistics and cashflow has become a full-time job. You feel like you’re running just to stand still. Like you’re constantly spinning plates and not always succeeding. Like you spend too much time dealing with disappointed customers who’ve been let down – but only because you were let down.

You’d love to grow but you just don’t know how you’d cope with the additional workload.

Your products are your passion but now they’re holding you back.

But as if by magic, Genie Sourcing is here to help.

Think of us as the inventory department of your business.

You have a single point of contact, a real person, who looks after inventory management for your business. A person who whisks away all the things that are causing you problems at the moment, leaving you to focus on the other areas of your business.

Genie Sourcing gives you back time. Enhances your customer service. Improves your cashflow. Sets you up to grow.

Genie Sourcing grants all your inventory management wishes at once.

What can Genie Sourcing do for you?

New product sourcing

Purchase order preparation

Order management and expediting

Logistics and importing

Storage and fulfilment

Sales forecasting

Future order forecasting

Payment schedules

Cashflow forecasting

Weekly reports

A single, human point of contact

Meet the Genie

Genie Sourcing is the genius idea of Rocky Wisdom. He’s seen first-hand what poor inventory management can do to a business and its staff. And he’s sorted out the problems too. He founded Genie Sourcing to solve the inventory management problems of FBA, B2C and B2B businesses. To date, we have sourced, bought, shipped and delivered over £1.8 million (landed cost value) of own

brand products directly from factories to our customers, to Amazon FBA centres and to our customers’ customers.


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Rocky added massive value to my Amazon businesses from factory vetting to shipments, long term storage, barcoding, design, labelling and fulfilment. Rocky helped with taxation, landing costs and dealt with factories in China for a very fair fee. If you want to save time on your Amazon business or other import business and want someone trustworthy and diligent, certainly worth going to Genie Sourcing.”

Robert Prime

Consultant for ambitious brands on Amazon and eCommerce , Prime and Jest Marketing

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