Inventory management sorted – as if by magic

For small businesses, none of the traditional inventory management solutions are quite right. You can choose solutions that take care of everything for you – but the cost and complexity involved only make sense when you’re operating at scale. Or you can choose solutions that fit your budget – but still leave you doing all the work.

Genie Sourcing sits in the middle. We take care of everything for you – from Forecasting Product Re-Orders to Arranging Final Delivery to the end user. Regardless of how many SKU’s or Locations you have, you will never be a slave to software again.

Here’s what you can expect
from Genie Sourcing.

New product sourcing

Everything from finding the right factory to managing samples and arranging packaging

Everything you need to source a new product. We find the reliable and dependable factory that’s capable of manufacturing it. We work with you to manage samples and modifications until it’s the perfect product for you. We also work with you to organise on-brand packaging.

Logistics & importing

Cost- and time-efficient transport and all the import paperwork dealt with

Goods in transit. Using the required delivery date and order quantities, we calculate the most cost- and time-efficient method of transportation. If your products are being imported, we take care of the entire import process right through to using the right import codes so nothing gets held up.

Future order requirement

Sales forecasts to plan future order requirements

Managing stock effectively. By looking at current stock levels and future sales levels, we plan purchase orders up to nine months ahead so your stock levels are always optimised.

Payment schedules & cashflow forecasting

Confirmed payment plans and required order payment plans for cashflow purposes

Taking care of the pennies. Because we know what you’ve got, what’s on order and what you’ll need, we provide confirmed payment plans and required order payment plans so you can manage your cashflow.

Purchase order preparation

All the details, including agreeing costings and lead times

The devil is in the detail. We prepare your purchase orders, making sure every detail is right, every costing is known and lead times are agreed.

Storage & fulfilment

Storage and fulfilment through trusted third party logistics providers

The last mile. We use trusted and reliable third party logistics companies in the UK, USA, Australia and India to store and fulfil your products. Orders can be delivered in bulk to FBA or B2B customers or on a sale-by-sale basis for B2C platforms including eBay and Amazon Fulfilled By Merchant or Seller Fulfilled Prime.

A single point of contact

A single expert point of contact – a real person who knows you and your business

Your dedicated inventory manager. You’ll have a single point of contact who looks after all your inventory management. They’ll get to know you and your business – and you’ll be able to pick up the phone, drop them an email or connect via Skype or LinkedIn messenger any time you’ve got a question or an instruction.

Order management & expediting

Every product through every checkpoint to make sure everything arrives on time

Keeping our eye on the ball. Once a purchase order is placed, we track it through every key checkpoint until it is ready for shipment so we know it is on schedule for delivery.

Sales forecasting

Accurate sales forecasting up to nine months ahead

Continuing the cycle. We use historic sales data to forecast future sales up to nine months in advance. We’ll talk you through our projections and place new purchase orders based on what we agree.

Weekly reports

Comprehensive reporting – as well as information when you need it

Keeping you up to speed. We provide you with headline information and in-depth detail every week. And if you’ve got any questions or need to check or change anything at any time, you can drop us a line and we’ll take care of it.

Want to find out how Genie Sourcing could make all your inventory management wishes come true?